Studio Surf Styles Vol. 1 Hodads Hang 10!

The Syndicate of Surf

The Syndicate of Surf was barely more than a gleam in Dick Dale's eye when it found itself trapped on a school bus each day for an hour and a half and subjected to the Top 40 playlist of Detroit's CKLW.  It matured slowly and found the more fertile sounds of early 70's FM radio and was fed by DJs like Kid Leo on Cleveland's WMMS.  It then consumed it's sister's record collection and built it's own made of pop, rock, RAMONES and Sabbath.  The Rock Muse was the mother that Lester Bangs rolled and became it's surrogate father.

Decades passed.  Life happened.  The Syndicate lay dormant, unaware of it's power.

Lightning struck in the form of The Atlantics 'Flight of the Surf Guitar'.  The Syndicate stirred, listened, absorbed, and a year later, roared it's own roar.

Hodads Hang 10! is it's primal scream.  What's yours?










Now available from Sharawaji Records

Hodads Hang 10! is a wet and glorious tidal wave of Silvertone powered rock n roll

Hear tracks originally recorded by The Stooges, The Dictators, The Ramones, Bob Lind, The Seeds, The Sex Pistols and Swing West in addition to four original compositions by Da Vinci Flinglestein.

Available now as Limited Edition Digipack CD and digital download from Sharawaji Records.

It's really weird that I am this far along in a career that I hadn't planned on pursuing since the effects of the drugs and alcohol wore off in the late 70's.  As in there is a record label, albeit a small of one, that is financing my first record.  Pros are involved. Money has exchanged hands.  This website has been built all custom made for me with this little section that I get to put down my thoughts,  reviews and whatever the hell I want so you, my loyal fan, YOU,  may lap up the mess of my wisdom.

Now don't that just beat all?  Right now I don't have all that much to lay down in this column.  I think I'll wait a bit till when I have some units sold or there's some rabid person dying to know X Y and Z about the Syndicate or something like that.  Or a stray thought intrigues one of us.

If you're here I say thanks to you for coming to check things out.  Soon will have the tunes available for download and just a wee bit later on CD.  There will be merch so save your pennies and get ready to fire up that PayPal accout (I hope we take PayPal!).  Check out the Syndicate of Surf on YouTube.

I am just getting started and I have a lot of music left to go.  I've been saving it all up-  just for you and me.